1 Sep 2015
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From time circulating in the world of international trade (also quoted by various internet sites) confidentiality clauses falsely attributed to the ICC. Such clauses have no legal value and were drafted and circulated in bad faith. The clause is actually contained in the authentic ICC publication No. 619: "ICC Model Occasional Intermediary Contract".

The Chamber of Commerce has produced two publications that provide a frame of reference for contracts of occasional brokerage (No. 619) and for the drafting of the confidentiality clause (No. 664).

This contract model is a useful and balanced, taking into consideration the interests of all parties to a contract occasionally brokerage.

The commitment of the parties to not to disclose to third parties confidential information which may come to know in the context of the contract is governed by the clause of non-circumvention and non-disclosure agreement.

The ICC has also realized another publication (No. 664): "ICC Model Confidentiality Agreement" that contains:

     * A standard contract of confidentiality;
     * A model confidentiality clause that can be inserted, if necessary, in a previous contract.

The ICC Model Confidentiality Agreement is the work of a special task force set up within the Commission ICC "Practice and Law of International Trade, chaired by Prof. Fabio Bortolotti.

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